From its inception, cinema has had a significant impact upon the way humans represent and understand the world around them. Whether created within an entertainment, experimental, documentary or scientific framework, moving images have altered modern perceptions of reality.

The Film Studies minor program offers students an opportunity to become familiar with the history of filmmaking, the language employed in the discourses of film, and the methodologies and forms of categorization applied to related fields of study within film culture.

Courses within the core program survey the history of film from the late nineteenth century to the present day and introduce students to various aspects of film theory and criticism. Courses at the intermediate and advanced level provide opportunities to study specific genres, directors, national cinemas as well as interdisciplinary topics: narrative and narration in fiction and film, feminist film practices, music and sound in film.

This is an interuniversity program that allows students to obtain credit from any of the participating institutions:
* Dalhousie University
* NSCAD University
* Saint Mary’s University
* University of King’s College