Full list of all classes accepted as credit toward the Minor

This is a full list of all classes at Dalhousie, King’s College, NSCAD and St Mary’s that are acceptable as elective credits toward the Inter-University Film Minor. Please note that not all of them are offered every year.

All classes are 3 credit hours unless otherwise specified.

Classes at Dalhousie University and the University of King’s College

  • CANA 3401.03/INDG 3401: Indigenous Representation in Film
  • CHIN 3050.03/FILM 3350.03/THEA 3350.03: Topics in Asian Cinema
  • CTMP 3302.03: Film Theory
  • CTMP 3305.03: Modern Film and the Theory of the Gaze
  • ENGL 2095.03: Narrative in the Cinema
  • FILM 2350.03/THEA2350.03: Studies in Film Directors
  • FILM 2360.03/THEA2360.03: Popular Cinema
  • ENGL 3300.03: TV: Theory and Criticism
  • FILM 3330.03/THEA 3330.03: Film Theory I
  • FILM 3331.03/GWST 3331.03/THEA 3331.03: Film Theory II: Desire in Cinema
  • FILM 3351.03/THEA 3351.03: The Cinema of David Lynch
  • FILM 3371.03/THEA 3371.03: Experimental Film
  • FILM 4390.03/THEA 4390.03: Special Topics in Film studies
  • FILM 4391.03/THEA 4391.03: Special Topics in Popular Cinema
  • FILM 4392.03: Point of View in the Cinema
  • FREN 2800.03: Cinema: The French Phenomenon I
  • FREN 2801.03: Cinema: The French Phenomenon II
  • GERM 2040.03/THEA 2340.03: Monsters and Madness: 20th Century German Film
  • ITAL 2600.03/FILM 2314.03/THEA 2314.03: Survey of Italian Cinema
  • ITAL 3500.03: Topics in Italian Culture: Italian Neorealist Cinema
  • ITAL 3600.03/FILM 3320.03/THEA 3320.03: Italian National Cinema: The New Wave
  • JOUR 3304.03/CTMP 3304.03/ GWST 3304.03: Through Her Eyes: Women and the Documentary Tradition
  • JOUR 3662.03: The Journalist as Documentarian
  • MUSC 2016.03: Topics in Music and Cinema
  • RUSN 2036.03/FILM 2336.03/THEA 2336.03: Russian Film I 0.5 credits
  • RUSN 2037.03/FILM 2337.03/THEA 2337.03: Russian Film II 0.5 credits
  • RUSN 2043.03/ENGL 2043.03/THEA 2043.03: How iRead the Eye-Books: Film Adaptations of World Literature I (6 credit hours)
  • RUSN 2045.06/ENGL 2045.06/FILM 2347.06/THEA 2347.06: Eye-Books: Film Adaptations of World Literature II
  • RUSN 2046.03/FILM 2346.03/THEA 2346.03: East European Cinema: War, Love, and Revolutions
  • THEA 2370.03: Animated Film
  • THEA 2911.03/FILM 2911.03: Stars and Stardom on Stage and Screen
  • THEA 3314.03/ENGL 3314.03/FILM 3314.03: Shakespeare and his Contemporaries on Film

Classes at NSCAD University

  • AHIS 3822: Topics in Film History: Hitchcock’s Films
  • AHIS 3826: Topics in Film History: Film Noir and Neo-Noir
  • AHIS 3832: Topics in Film History: Canadian Cinema
  • AHIS 3835: Topics in Film History: Contemporary Cinemas of Globalization
  • AHIS 3836: Topics in Film History: Subjectivities in Moving Pictures
  • AHIS 3837: Topics in Film History: Out on Screen
  • AHIS 3839: The Director’s Cinema
  • AHIS 3850: History and Criticism of Documentary Film
  • FHIS 3852: Cinemas of Globalization

Classes at St Mary’s University

  • ENGL 2325: The Media in Everyday Life
  • ACST 3305: Moving Images of Atlantic Canada
  • ENGL 3313: Narrative in Fiction and Film (6 credit hours)
  • ENGL 3551: Film and the City
  • ENGL 3826: Contemporary Canadian Film and Television
  • HIST 3450: Film and History
  • RELS 3356: Religions and Film
  • SOSI 3346/CRIM 3303: Crime and the Media
  • SOSI 4452: Atlantic Canadian Film and Television