Programme Requirements

To complete the Minor, you must take: 9 credit hours of required classes, and 15 credit hours in electives. 9 of your elective credits must be above the 2000 level.

Required classes

You must take each of the following classes (note that some are available at more than one university; you cannot take both versions for credit, as they are considered identical).

* DAL FILM/THEA 2301.03 (Film History 1) OR NSCAD AHIS 2800 (Film History and Criticism I: 1890–1940)

* DAL FILM/THEA 3301.03 (Film History II) or NSCAD AHIS 2810 (Film History and Criticism II: 1940 to the Present)

* Dal FILM/THEA 2311 (Film Analysis) OR  SMU 2511 (Reading Films)


You must take 15 credit hours in film electives from the list of courses approved for the Minor (click here for this year’s offerings). 9 of those credits must be above the 2000 level or above.